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There is a new BoutiQue on the block

Chrisie Styles Boutique

Chrisie Styles BoutiQue went from taking her show on the road to setting up a permanent residence in New Jersey. She is new to their block but not new to the fashion world. 

We first met Chrisie about five years ago at a fashion event when she first got started as an online boutique. She talked to us about her dreams of owning a mobile boutique.

DUGBEE by Whoopi Collection at Ashley Stewart

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As if we could not get any more excited with what Ashley Stewart is doing…. They have just announced a collaboration with Whoopi Goldberg; yes THE Whoopi Goldberg. I am literally tapping my feet as I type this because I cannot wait to pick up a few pieces. OK maybe more than a few pieces… lol… It’s ME.

Lala Anthony x Ashley Stewart

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The oh so fabulous Lala Anthony just dropped a collection with Ashley Stewart. Yep, you read that right..


It is no secret that Ashley Stewart is one of my favorite brands to shop. I can shop online and never have to worry about returning an item because it doesn’t fit. And now we are just throwing Lala into the mix to feed my addiction huh? Well you got my attention because I am here for ALL of it; as if I needed another reason to swipe my Ashley Stewart card right? LOL …


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Queen Size Magazine started the iamqueensize campaign to help women understand their true worth. We want women to understand that being beautiful does not require you to wear less clothing. We want women to love and respect themselves and demand the same in return. It is also about spreading body positivity; reminding people that beauty has no size.  I took the time to answer some questions that people had about the campaign and the brand.

TruDiva Designs Grand Opening

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On Saturday November 4, 2017, surrounded by family, friends and supporters, Veronica celebrated the Grand Opening of the TruDiva Designs boutique.


The boutique can be found at 2228 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA.

The A...B...C’s of Bra Fitting

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How many times have you seen the woman with the uniboob, or the alien-like 4 boobied woman and thought to yourself, “now she know she’s wrong for that bra!”  C’mon I know I’m not the only Petty Wright out there!  LOL

My Top Six Plus Size Brands To Shop

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The plus size industry has changed drastically over the past five years and I am all for it. As a fashion-conscious individual, I love having options when shopping for my clothes. Options are a complete necessity, true story. As always, I share all my tips and trick with you, so why not share the stores I shop and why. In no particular order, here goes my list:

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