Queen Size Magazine (QSM) is an award winning monthly print and digital publication dedicated to servicing the full figured industry. We are a voice for today’s women and men; simply sending the message that we exist, and we will be heard. Queen Size Magazine publishes articles that focus on lifestyle, fashion and beauty topics. Our focus here at QSM, is to bring our readers the latest news and trends surrounding the fashion industry. From eye catching images to controversial articles; we capture it all every month without missing a beat. Additionally, we pride ourselves on providing a platform for both established and up & coming professionals in our industry.  At Queen Size we believe and promote that women and men of all shape, size, height and color are equal.


Tawana Blassingame is a mother of two born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, but now resides in Queens, NY. Ambitious and determined to succeed is what describes her best. Anything she sets her mind to do gets done. In 2010 she became the co-author of her first poetry book. Her experience with that particular publishing company is what led her to start up her own publishing company. In 2011 Virgo’s World Publishing, Inc. was formed. Immediately after the start of the company Tawana released her next book under Virgo’s World Publishing, Inc. entitled Blood Stained Conscience.


Being the go-getter that she is, she felt she wanted more. A few months after the release of the book, she started Queen Size Magazine in 2013. Queen Size Magazine is a monthly national plus size fashion and lifestyle publication. Under her parent company Cohesive Minds Inc, Queen Size Magazine has enjoyed six years of continued success. The magazine taught her many aspects of the fashion industry; it allowed her to help models in the journeys as well. It was in early 2014 Queen Size Model Management was born. This was created to groom young girls & boys, and men and women for life as a model. But having children of her own and understanding the importance of role models and giving back to the community it also helps children who are bullied, have low self-esteem or who unsure about themselves. Queen Size Model Management gives them a place to grow and be nurtured.

Many models under her management have graced various runways including major fashion weeks. They have also had the opportunities to be published in reputable magazines.


Philip Drew

Vice President and Director of Photography

Meesha Ann

Executive Vice President and Fashion Editor

Sheena Postell

Social Media Correspondent

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Lawanda "Lala Faces" Sanyung

Beauty Editor

Eyani Couture

House Designer

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