There is a new BoutiQue in the block

Chrisie Styles BoutiQue

Chrisie Styles BoutiQue went from taking her show on the road to setting up a permanent residence in New Jersey. She is new to their block but not new to the fashion world. 

We first met Chrisie about five years ago at a fashion event when she first got started as an online boutique. She talked to us about her dreams of owning a mobile boutique.

Full Figured Fashion Week 2020 Virtual Townhall Forum

What an introduction to Full Figured Fashion Week! From start to finish, industry icons were dropping gems all night. Full Figured Fashion Week kicked off with a spicy and engaging Townhall moderated by Madeline Jones, Edition and Chief of Plus Model Magazine. Our very own Tawana Blassingame joined other industry professionals to discuss inclusivity, branding, body positivity, and support within the plus fashion industry.

To Loni With Love

As a woman of color who has fought so hard for her seat at the table, why would you be so quick to turn a blind eye to others who have been fighting for their seat? 


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Demi Lovato took to instagram and shared with the world that she’s no longer concerned with other people’s ideas of what is considered beautiful. She posted an unedited image of herself in a leopard-print bikini and she looked absolutely amazing. In her post she talked about how tired she was of being ashamed of her body.

So Now You’ve Been Signed

An inside look to the world of a signed model

“So it is common to think that once you are signed you’ve made it and you don’t have to work anymore. Wrong!!”-Gabby Fe. This is a great quote to kick off Part Two of my latest blog series. After reading my first piece you may have decided if you were ready to be seen by an agency. Now what happens next?

Marcy Cruz; Blogger to Model

Read all about how Marcy Cruz went from being one of our favorite Bloggers to now one of our favorite models. 


Queen Size Magazine started the iamqueensize campaign to help women understand their true worth. We want women to understand that being beautiful does not require you to wear less clothing.

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The 2020 Curvy Chic Closet event & Foundation Fashion Show

Curvy Chic Closet event & Foundation Fashion Show is truly an experience for all bodies. Founder, Becky Jarvis, started Curvy Chic Closet after realizing that there were no plus size consignment events to help women buy beautiful gently used plus size clothing.

Full Figured Fashion Week 2020 Virtual Recap

Whelp! Full Figured Fashion Week gave it to us once again. I had already come to terms that FFFWeek was not happening this year. But I was pleasantly surprised (and excited) to get the news that the show was still going on. We didn’t get to see each other in person (thanks COVID-19) but the show still went on virtually. And once again, they did not disappoint.

Some Plus Size Designers that are doing their part to help flatten the curve by putting their skills to work and making masks

Some of our designers have rolled out their fabrics and began making masks to fill some needs. Not for the sake of following a “new fashion trend”, but they are donating them to their neighbors and health care facilities.

Dr. Summer gives 15 tips to get through social distancing during the Coronavirus

Dr. Summer has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and her Doctorate in Psychology with an emphasis on Multicultural Community Psychology.  Dr. Summer came up with a tip sheet to help us all mentally get through this crisis.

A peek inside the beauty of Cosplay

an interview with GeishaVi

We're creative individuals that enjoy recreating fashion, props and characters from TV, comics, manga, anime, movies and video games, often seen at conventions, parties, and music videos. As a kid, I often imagined myself as a comic hero or villain ...... 

Are You Ready for an Agency

Many aspiring models always seem to ask me the same question. How did you get signed? Or What is your secret to getting signed? I always answer with the same response; “I came prepared”.

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