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You may remember Aqila Benjamin, affectionately known in the industry as Mimi, from her feature in the January 2019 issue of Queen Size Magazine. The issue where we sat down for a one on one to learn

To Loni With Love

As a woman of color who has fought so hard for her seat at the table, why would you be so quick to turn a blind eye to others who have been fighting for their seat? 


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Demi Lovato took to instagram and shared with the world that she’s no longer concerned with other people’s ideas of what is considered beautiful. She posted an unedited image of herself in a leopard-print bikini and she looked absolutely amazing. In her post she talked about how tired she was of being ashamed of her body.

Check out the Spring Confidence Campaign


Congratulations to Avenue on their Confidence Campaign. Confidence is a core value of the Avenue brand and we love what we are seeing from the brand. They are doing a great job listening to what their customers want, and then providing it for her. They have created avenue.com/wearelistening as a place that she can go and share her feedback with the brand. How cool is that!

Lala Anthony x Ashley Stewart


The oh so fabulous Lala Anthony just dropped a collection with Ashley Stewart. Yep, you read that right..

The Avenue Stores Launches New App


Omni-Channel Features Including Ship-to-Store Appeal to Mobile Customer Base

Say Goodbye to the Naked Palette

Urban Decay is discontinuing its Naked Palette. Booooooooo, I hope this means that have something just as good or better coming down the pipelines. I have to say, I am just getting into makeup products so I have one of their palettes that I absolutely love. Why oh why must you go? I am just getting to know you. Reportedly, Kate Middleton and even Michelle Obama loved them as well.

So Now You’ve Been Signed

An inside look to the world of a signed model

“So it is common to think that once you are signed you’ve made it and you don’t have to work anymore. Wrong!!”-Gabby Fe. This is a great quote to kick off Part Two of my latest blog series. After reading my first piece you may have decided if you were ready to be seen by an agency. Now what happens next?

Curve 4 Cause

Curves 4 Cause is a charity volunteer organization bridging the gap between fashion and community. "Our aim of service is to help improve the lives of Women, Children, and Veterans within our community".

Marcy Cruz; Blogger to Model

Read all about how Marcy Cruz went from being one of our favorite Bloggers to now one of our favorite models. 


Queen Size Magazine started the iamqueensize campaign to help women understand their true worth. We want women to understand that being beautiful does not require you to wear less clothing.

The 7th Annual Curves At Sea All White Cruise by Full Figured Fashion Week

You put hundreds of men and women in a sea of white attire, sail us out to sea with good music and drinks and we will rock the boat each and every time.

While we are looking back at Summer 2017, still trying to hold onto what’s left of it. Let’s reflect on The Face of Kurvacious’ All White Day Affair that took place on August 19th at the Harlem Lounge. As part of their 5th anniversary, this was Kurvacious’ first of what I am sure will be many more times hosting an all white day. 

For The Love of Curves Swim Soiree: Presented by The Catherine Ashly Brand and PlusSizeMePlz

When Catherine Ashly put out the word that she was throwing a Swim Soiree hosted by her PlusSizeMePlz Brand, I bet she wasn’t ready for what she got. The Plus Size Industry came out in record breaking numbers from all over the map. We (and I do mean WE) had so much fun. We danced, ate, networked, danced some more and just had an overall wonderful time.

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Some Plus Size Designers that are doing their part to help flatten the curve by putting their skills to work and making masks

Some of our designers have rolled out their fabrics and began making masks to fill some needs. Not for the sake of following a “new fashion trend”, but they are donating them to their neighbors and health care facilities.

Dr. Summer gives 15 tips to get through social distancing during the Coronavirus

Dr. Summer has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and her Doctorate in Psychology with an emphasis on Multicultural Community Psychology.  Dr. Summer came up with a tip sheet to help us all mentally get through this crisis.

A peek inside the beauty of Cosplay

an interview with GeishaVi

We're creative individuals that enjoy recreating fashion, props and characters from TV, comics, manga, anime, movies and video games, often seen at conventions, parties, and music videos. As a kid, I often imagined myself as a comic hero or villain ...... 

Whoopi Collection at Ashley Stewart

As if we could not get any more excited with what Ashley Stewart is doing…. They have just announced a collaboration with Whoopi Goldberg; yes THE Whoopi Goldberg. I am literally tapping my feet as I type this because I cannot wait to pick up a few pieces. OK! maybe more than a few pieces… lol… It’s ME.

Essence of a Boss

My thoughts... My experience

With an open mind and the willingness to embrace people around you, you must position yourself. Positioning yourself can set you up for a major blessing without knowledge. Attending Essence of a Boss Conference was more than just an opportunity it was a place for me to have a set at the table and embrace. 

It's Mother's Day with Avenue

Sponsored Post

It’s Mother’s Day! The special day all mothers around the nation are to be celebrated with extra loving and more! It is a day where mothers are dressed in their best! It is a day many mothers look forward to either spending their time shopping, dining out or in and just overall feeling and looking their best.

The TCFStyle Expo 2018

August 2018 marked the fourth year for the TCFStyle Expo and it was everything that I expected it to be. The convention was a full figured dream (see what I did there lol). The weekend was filled with nuggets of fun and knowledge.

Bandelettes Annual Spring Press Event 2018

On April 24th we attended the Bandelettes Annual Spring Press Event. Everything from the venue to the company was remarkable. We met up with some of our faves.....

Let's take a look back at the Power Plus Weekend 2018

The second annual Power Plus Weekend powered by Big Fig Mattress was held March 23-24 and did not disappoint. Founder of I Rock My Curves the Best, Author, Speaker, MUA, Blogger, and travel planner Kenyatta Johnson (www.iamkenyatta.com) created Power Plus Weekend to celebrate the plus size community.

Are You Ready for an Agency

Many aspiring models always seem to ask me the same question. How did you get signed? Or What is your secret to getting signed? I always answer with the same response; “I came prepared”.

Discrimination in the Full Figured Community

Those are probably two of the many questions you’re asking yourself after reading the title. When we hear the word discrimination, it typically applies to race, religion, creed, sexual orientation, age, and gender. 

The A...B...C’s of Bra Fitting

How many times have you seen the woman with the uniboob, or the alien-like 4 boobied woman and thought to yourself, “now she know she’s wrong for that bra!”  C’mon I know I’m not the only Petty Wright out there!  LOL

Hair Balling On a Budget

I get a lot of questions via email and Instagram inquiring about the "unit" that I am wearing in a particular blog post.  For the layman, a "unit" is a fancy term used to refer to a wig. 

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