during Full Figured Fashion Week

You can learn a lot about people by just having a conversation; and it all starts with hello. As simple as this sound, sometimes we have to be reminded of this. On Sunday June 24th, many of us got that very friendly reminder.


On that date I had the honor and privilege of sitting in on one of Marco Mays’ infamous brunches. I wasn’t sure what to expect really. I thought it would have been something of a lecture, or people getting up and talking about themselves (although we did that part), but it was so much more.


First, let’s go back to when the guests walked in the door. We were greeted by Marco who let us know that we were in his home he would be serving us. That was a nice welcome! We were invited to take a seat at the beautifully prepared table with candles and flowers (not fake flowers either). Everyone sat down and began talking to the person to their left and right. But that was only a small part of Marco’s plan. We were then asked to stand and walk over to the beverage station where we got to choose from glasses of Rose, Sweet Red Wine, Mimosas, lemonade or water. This is where we got the opportunity to speak with someone other than the people sitting on our left or right (smart Marco, real smart).


Throughout the brunch we were served DELICIOUS food prepared by Sharon Quinn. Yes y’all, Sharon throws down in the kitchen…. Our first course was an arugula salad with dried cranberries, shaved parmesan, and roasted chick peas with a shitake sesame dressing. Second course was Belgium waffles, southern style fried chicken tenders and maple syrup. Third course was Cajun style shrimp with white corn grits. Fourth course was sautéed cauliflower, romanesco, assorted mushrooms, sweet peppers and yellow onions over jasmine rice. And our final course was a vegan coffee pound cake and fresh berry parfait with rice whipped cream. Kudos to the chef!!!!


Ok let’s get off the food and get back to the experience, because that is exactly what you are getting when you attend a Brunch with Marco Mays. We had intimate conversations with each other. We formed business relationships and hopefully friendships. We shared personal experiences. We laughed and we cried. We learned so much about each other.


We were reminded to love, respect, empower and celebrate each other; including ourselves.

Oh and the nice BIG swag bag that he sends you off with, filled with goodies is more than worth it. The bag alone is worth waaaayyyyyy more than the price of a ticket. But the experience alone is priceless. 


Marco Mays hosts a series of brunches in various states. Check out his site at to find a brunch near you.