Behind the scenes of Bae Walks & Silver Foxes Runway Show: Full Figured Fashion Week 2018

Written by: Jonna E. Capone

Although new to the world of male modeling  Kyle has had the pleasure of walking in the show for the second year. Kyle walked for the first male show in 2017. “I think my favorite moment from Baes Walk” Kyle shared with me  “is the stuff the people don’t see, us behind the scenes acting a fool and just having a good time.” Kyle rocked the runway in several designers including  MVP Collections and S.O.S Denim, a family design team with a young designer of only 14 years old. “My favorite designer to walk for I would have to say is Brandon Kyle, always lots of energy and very unique. Other designers for Bae Walks included the familiar Coogi Australian and one of my personal favorites, Designs by Deangelo. After getting the scoop from behind the scenes I wanted to know more about what was happening out in the audience.

Full Figured Fashion Week celebrated their 10th year anniversary this year and they certainly delivered. Especially with the return of their runway show BaeWalks. Paired with a show of beauty at all ages as, the Silver Foxes it made for a truly memorable evening. These models and designers certainly came ready to slay the runway and they did not disappoint. Of course I wanted to know what it was really like behind the scenes and for those in the audience. I was able to interview a model from the BaeWalks show Kyle Kelly and audience member Miguel Rodriguez about their two perspectives of the show.


As a first time attendee of Full Figured Fashion week and  novice male model himself, Miguel Rodriguez was interested in seeing a different perspective of the runway. “I'm new to the modeling world and wanted to learn all I can about this industry. I wanted to have the experience of seeing a male fashion show that had models of different sizes, shapes and heights, and see their different signature walks” Miguel shared with me. Of course the stage was shared not only with male models but with some serious Silver Foxes.

Sharing the stage isn’t always an easy task but these ladies didn’t miss a beat. It is incredibly important to show diversity in fashion and especially the plus size community. “Meeting so many beautiful women of different shapes and sizes, owning their bodies and style was truly inspiring” Miguel says. The Silver Fox show featured women from age ranges of 50 and up. A great display of diversity and showing that plus size women of any age, desire and deserve fresh fashion. You can check out more of these designers on Full Figured Fashion week’s website. They truly dressed these queens, showing that no matter what your age, fashion doesn’t ever quit.


There was no shortage of designers for this year’s Bae Walks and Silver Foxes show and for the other fantastic events at Full Figured designers and brands such as Catherines and Curves with Purpose. Displaying diversity in multiple shows and events was truly inspirational to watch. Other than BaeWalks, Miguel shared his other favorite moments with us including the event Battle of the Sexes “It was the first event I attended during FFFWeek so I was nervous. That event broke the ice for me and prepared me to truly enjoy the rest of the week at ease.”  Kyle also shared one of his favorite moments “It had to be the final show,” Kyle said. “Just being able to see the whole production from the outside looking in and seeing the impact Ms. Gwen and FFFweek has had over 10 years was amazing to me.”

If I learned anything from this show and the other events of this year’s Full Figured Fashion Week, it was the importance of showcasing style at any age, gender or size.

 Bringing light to all types of curves and bodies, is truly effective and necessary in this industry. “I met models and industry people who were so nice and welcoming, and it was nice to see how this is really a community of men and women where you can have fun, be yourself and not be judged on their size.”- Miguel

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Designers Mentioned:

MVP Collections

S.O.S Denim


Curves with a Purpose

Designs By Deangelo

Robert E. Knight

Coogi Australia