The A...B...C’s of Bra Fitting

by Curvy Fabulosity

Recently, I visited one of my favorite stores, Standout Style Boutique in Chicago, and stumbled into a bra fitting pop up shop for Marie Angelique. I hadn’t been fitted in about 8 months or so, so I decided to make sure that I was still good, and sure enough I was!  However, I started talking to the owner of the bra company, Naomi, and I got such a good vibe from her that I decided to do a blog post...her story is awesome, and she is definitely someone you should know and support. 


She started 3 years ago as a mastectomy boutique catering to women with cancer.  The store is named after her grandmother who passed away from cancer.  After her grandmother’s passing, her mother was diagnosed 2 years later.  Watching both her grandmother and mother struggle with the aftermath of a mastectomy and not feeling like the women that they once were, she decided she wanted to do something to help these women and honor her grandmother at the same time.  She eventually expanded the brand to hard to fit clients, big busted women, plus sized women, as well as women who have smaller bands & larger bust sizes. Her cup sizes range from A thru N, and band sizes 28 thru 54. So as you can see, she has something for everybody!  She carries the more conservative styles for her older clients, but she also carries more sexy and seductive styles because she has found that her client base is starting to gravitate towards that style since it is really hard to find sexy bras in the harder to fit sizes.  When asked what keeps her going, she responded that she loves what she does!  She loves to help women that have been struggling with regular department store bras feel and look better.  A lot of women have no idea the impact an ill fitting bra has on their health...back pain, bad posture eliminated with the right bra!  Not to mention, the boost in confidence.


So, how’s your bra game?  Have you been professionally fitted?  If you’re in the St. Louis area, check out Marie Angelique Bra and Lingerie….you’ll be glad you did!


Marie Angelique Bra and Lingerie - 2309 Highway K O'Fallon, MO 63368 Phone: 636-294-9704

How many times have you seen the woman with the uniboob, or the alien-like 4 boobied woman and thought to yourself, “now she know she’s wrong for that bra!”  C’mon I know I’m not the only Petty Wright out there!  LOL


Seriously though, whether you’re an A cup, or a Z cup, wearing a bra with the proper fit is essential!  I realized this a long time ago; this is why I get myself re-measured every year, so my bra game is tight!  It wasn’t always that way though.  True story….I needed a strapless bra for my wedding.  At the time I was wearing a 42 DDD, and I thought I looked GOOD!  I went to a specialty bra shop and the petite, older sassy little Black lady asked me what size wore, when I told her 42 DDD she looked at me like “yeah, right!”  She pulled out her tape measure and after she did her thing, she went got a ladder, went to a top shelf, pulled down a box….literally blew DUST off the box and pulled out the most intimidating harness-like contraption I had ever seen!  The fit however, was FABULOUS!  It held me up, and the girls were on full fleek!  She then gave me the size…..38I!  Yes….”I” as in Incredible...Indisputable or as I thought Incomprehensible!  From that moment on, I never neglected my boobs again.  I have had many changes in size over the years with weight fluctuations and such, but for the past 2 years or so, I have been a solid 40H.