Branding Breakfast

The PLUSSIZEMEPLZ Branding Breakfast was a success!! Catherine Ashley the creator of the PLUSSIZEMEPLZ brad has outdone herself with the creation of the networking event. This is the 2nd year she has coordinated the event geared towards branding your business and how to successfully step out from the rest and make ones dreams come true.  If you are an entrepreneur, a model, a photographer or a lover of the plus size community and all the facets that make it so fabulous then this event wasn’t one to miss.


The venue; Petit Fete was a wonderful place with a great atmosphere and the food was amazing catered by the Platinum Standard Events. There was an abundance of talent and compassion in the room from every attendee, the amazing photographer Kia Caldwell, all the way to the power house panel.  The panel consisted of Frank N’ The City, Frankie Tavares, Darnell Ghramm,  Nikki Gomez, Gwen Devoe and Monique Robinson.  These wonderful individuals expressed themselves in such a way that was inspiring, authentic and genuine to helping all who attended succeed in their endeavors. Frank N The City was an amazing Host and he was able to ask some very pertinent questions to the panel. One question “How can a model brand themselves on social media”? Frankie Tavares reply was “It’s a bigger reach and you can tag agencies, photographers etc to get some exposure”.  Monique Robinson answer was “ Be serious about who you are, captions, stories, quotes you post are important and to remember to be transparent so people can see who you are as a person and to stay true to that”.  Gwen Devoe’s reply was “ Be careful of how we stigmatize new resources and to keep a clean brand”. Darnel Grhamm reply was “ That you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take and to maintain integrity in the process Simply put Opportunities come and what is for you is for you”.  All of these responses are golden nuggets to any aspiring or established person in this industry. At the end of the day we are all trying to accomplish one of many goals and we need to network, support and be our true selves to achieve them. We are the audience we are trying to reach and in the words Corrin Chishimba AKA BeautyBoxStyle “ A Brand is credible when its Authentic”. So when you are out there in castings, auditions, meetings and any other environments you have to represent yourself remember to be true, transparent and authentic. Those attributes will take you where you need to go!