Welcome to the September 2015 issue of Queen Size Magazine. Some of us are winding down, counting the days until the end of summer; while others are preparing for back to school. Me, I am trying to hold onto the few weeks we have left. This issue is dedicated to the end of summer; I know you don’t want to hear it so I won’t say any more on it. Lol


Be open to change. This is my message for you all reading this. A great wise man once said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. That man was Albert Einstein. I decided to plant this message for you all because I get tired of going on social media and listening to the same people complaining about the same things over again. Change doesn’t come over night, but it doesn’t come if you do nothing either. Set goals for yourself, small goals at a time. In time you will see some changes. Mentally prepare yourself for the road blocks that WILL come.


I want to see us all succeed and attain our goals; together we can.


Thank you all for supporting Queen Size Magazine.