Welcome to the October 2015 issue of Queen Size Magazine. As you all know, our October issues are always dedicated to helping to raise Breast Cancer Awareness. This issue goes out to everyone that has ever had a scare, all of the survivors, all those that have lost their lives and the support systems. The statistics of 1 in 8 are extremely scary to me. This is why we have to watch out for one another and make sure that we are all well educated; make sure that we are reminding each other to self examinate and get those mammograms. We are dying at alarming numbers; but together we can continue to raise the awareness and stress the importance of taking care of our bodies. I have a co-worker in my office that will randomly walk over to our desks and ask if we took our mammograms yet. If any one of us replies no, then she will remind us every week. As annoying as she becomes, it made me make that appointment and I appreciate it.


To everyone who has ever supported Queen Size Magazine by purchasing a copy, sharing our page or even saying a prayer for our continued success, we thank you.