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Welcome to the November 2019 issue of Queen Size Magazine.


As we are gearing up for The Inaugural Full Figured Industry Awards, I wanted to share some thoughts with you all. Don’t ever think that you are too small to dream big. When I first spoke with my uncle about four years ago regarding this big dream of mine to start an award show, he challenged me and asked me why not. I had a hundred answers on why I didn’t think I could do it. But for every reason I gave on why I could not, he gave me two on how I could and why I should. Fear will prevent you from living your best damn life. I was afraid because I thought “what if people don’t come”, “what if people thought I was crazy”, “what if I am out of my damn mind for thinking I could pull this off”? So many what ifs, but the biggest what if that frightened me was “what if this thing is a success”? Fear of success is just as bad as the fear of failure. They will both leave you stagnant. Many of you are afraid that your dreams will require too much work. Afraid to stick your neck out there and reveal the best parts of yourself. I have learned that EVERYONE IS NOT GOING TO BE SUPPORTIVE and that you cannot take it personal nor should you expect. For every ten people that won’t support you, there are about a hundred or so that will. Go be great……


As with every issue, I truly thank each and every person that had a hand in making Queen Size Magazine possible. And on behalf of myself and Queen Size Magazine, I would like to thank all of our readers; without you we would not still be here.


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