Welcome to the November 2016 issue of Queen Size Magazine. Sweet November, with the beautiful cool weather. It’s my favorite time of year because I just love to layer up. Before I get to fashion, let me say that this month I had the pleasure of chatting with THE Ms. Michael Tyson; daughter of the Iron Mike Tyson himself. What a beautiful soul she is. I had the opportunity of interviewing her and learning her plans for breaking into the modeling industry, fashion industry and entrepreneurship. Check out the interview guys and tell us what you think.


NOW for fashion; layer up season is here! Boot season! Chilly NOT cold weather. I love it. In this issue we featured some pieces from The Avenue’s fall line and Torrid’s Denim line as well. Chrisie Styles Boutique is also featured with some of her fall line as well. We have so many options as plus size Divas these days; there is no excuse NOT to look fabulous.


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