Welcome to the November 2015 issue of Queen Size Magazine. I can’t believe that I am really saying this but it is officially Fall. Where did the time go? I look around me and continue to see the same people doing the same thing they did two years ago; some longer than that. I am saddened by the fact that people still tend to think that time is on their sides. I often think about what is next for me after this life; and then I slap myself. Why think about the afterlife when you still have this one to live? I pray that folk really begin to take life more serious. We are all put here for a purpose. It is time to find out what that purpose is and begin living it. I dedicate this issue to all that are living their purpose and to those trying to find theirs.


To everyone who has ever supported Queen Size Magazine by purchasing a copy, sharing our page or even saying a prayer for our continued success, we thank you.