Welcome to the May 2018 issue of Queen Size Magazine.


One of the reasons why I remain so humble is because I have had the opportunity to interview hundreds of men and women; I have had the opportunity to learn the stories that they don’t openly share with the world. Often times we think we know a person but don’t really take the time to REALLY get to know the person. In conducting my many interviews, I have learned about so many struggles that people experience behind their smiles. I have learned that every smile does not equate to happiness or worry free. Take my current cover feature for instance. I knew that Catherine Ashly had Lupus but there is so much more to Catherine that I never knew. I have interviewed people that I talk to quite often and learned something about them that I never knew. We all have a struggle; we all have a fight that we are fighting. I have never been one to take life or people for granted (intentionally; because let’s face it, we are all human). But all of these individuals continuously remind be to “not complain” because things could always be worse.


Thank you to Catherine Ashley for opening up and sharing her fight against lupus. My take away from this that when one door closes, use the lessons that you learned from that room to open ten more doors.


As with every issue, I truly thank each and every person that had a hand in making Queen Size Magazine possible. And on behalf of myself and Queen Size Magazine, I would like to thank all of our readers; without you we would not still be here.


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