Welcome to the May 2016 issue of Queen Size Magazine. I was so excited about putting this issue together; I know I say that a lot. LOL. But I am so very passionate about what we do for you all. In honor of Mother’s Day; in this issue we decided to highlight some fierce mother/daughter modeling teams. In this issue you will also find a recap on the NY Full Figured Fashion Week Casting. In addition to the recap, you will also get some tips on how and when you should prepare yourself for the casting.


Make sure you also check out the editor’s article on the things that models expect photographers to photoshop. HA! You are either going to love or hate me for that one. 


Our beauty editor also exposed some beauty myths; these are going to surprise you.

Now you see why I had some much fun with this issue, because it is packed with some great articles that are helpful to all of us no matter what corner of the fashion industry you are in. Pick up your copy and tell us what you think.


Thank you all who continue to support me and the Queen Size brand.