Welcome to the May/Mother’s Day issue of Queen Size Magazine. For this issue we ran a contest inviting daughters to write in and tell us about their mothers and why they should win our contest. The contest awarded them with Fifty dollar gift cards and photo shoots with the works (Designer, Makeup Artist, Hairstylist, and on the set stylist). Each winner will receive cover features for our Mother’s Day issue.


The reason why we decided to do this shoot is because we wanted to show our love and appreciation to all mothers. As a mother I know firsthand that motherhood is a full time job and it is always a great feeling when people outside of your children take the time to acknowledge this.


I enjoy putting this magazine together every month. It is quite rewarding for me to be able to provide exposure for so many people. I love getting to know about people and what they do. I believe that together we can all succeed.


Thank you all for all of your support.