Allow me to take a moment to wish all of you lovely Mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day. Whether you birthed a child or you stand in and assume the role of motherhood, this month is for you. I believe that we should be honoring our mothers every day of the year. As mothers must wear many hats for the well-being of our children. Our wants, needs and health often get pushed to the back-burner. But at the end of the night, or early morning, when we finally lay our head to rest; if you ask me I would tell you It is all worth it. This issue of Queen Size Magazine is dedicated to all of you Mothers.Models, Entrepreneurs, Photographers, Writers, Directors and such…HAPPY MOTHER’S DAYTo my mom, I appreciate more than you will ever know. Because of you, I am the woman I am today. Thank you for all of your sacrifices and lessons. I celebrate you every day.“Mothers hold their children’s’ hands for a short while, but hold their hearts for a lifetime” ~Author Unkown




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