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Welcome to the March 2019 issue of Queen Size Magazine. I wanted to share something with all of our readers; something that has been weighing heavily on me. I strongly dislike when people are unnecessarily judgmental. We should not be judging period, but there are those that go out of their way to shame other folks for who and or what they are; or what they look like etc.... Specifically body shamers. To shame another individual just because they do not look like you is just sad. Now here is the kicker; this goes for everyone, not just straight size. As plus size men and women, I know we get tired of the fat shaming. But how much better does that make you if you are also body shaming straight size individuals? I have seen this more and more on social media. Can we chill with it; we are out here looking like big hypocrites.


Something to think about......

In this issue of QSM, we introduce you to the 2019 Face of QSM. Many of you already know her, but we wanted you to really get to know her. 


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Be blessed and remember to be a blessing as well.