Welcome to the March 2018 issue of Queen Size Magazine. Never forget where you came from. I remember when I started this magazine; I thought I had the best magazine on the market. People were buying it; people were congratulating me, so how could I be wrong right? I’ve always known that not everyone is going to be honest but I met someone who was. He sat me down and explained all the things I was doing wrong, and then he helped me get it right. My feelings were hurt at first, but then I got over it and got with the program. Today I often look back at those magazines with such pride. I’d like to dedicate this issue to Eric Jorgenson, the guy who helped put me at the next level.


Featured in this issue is Jonna Capone; she tells how she kind of fell into model and then got immediately signed. Read as she shares some of her tips.


Model Spotlights on Aspiring Models Edlexis Spady and Shanique Savage (who is also an MUA and body painter).


In this issue Meesha Ann has some of your favorite fashion finds for $25 and under from various stores.


Crystal Lewis aka The Hair Doctor tells you what hairstyles will fit you best depending on the shape of your face.


We show you some great exercises for your core that will help you when doing photo shoots.


Courtney Pennington goes into depth about the importance of feeding your brain and what it craves.


Also Lala Faces sits done with the great Monie Brodie to talk about her new book and her success.


As with every issue, I truly thank each and every person that had a hand in making Queen Size Magazine possible. And on behalf of myself and Queen Size Magazine, I would like to thank all of our readers; without you we would not still be here.


We would love to hear your feedback. Email us at queensizemagazine@gmail.com and let us know what you like, don’t like and/or want to see in future issues. We value your opinion.