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Welcome to the June 2021 issue of Queen Size Magazine.


For the past year, most of us have been cooped up at home afraid to venture outdoors because of the “C” word. This pandemic has had most of us either grieving or fearing for our own lives; myself included. Many people have either gotten vaccinated, waiting to get vaccinated, absolutely against it or still on the fence. What am I doing you ask? I recently decided that I am going to go ahead and get vaccinated. But I said all of that to say, I recently spent a day in Times Square with friends that I hadn’t seen in years. It reminded me of how bad I want to go back to some normalcy. I want to go out and have fun; I am tired of hiding out in the house. I am sure most of the world is feeling the same way. From my family to yours, whatever you decide to do, please just be smart and be safe.


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Be blessed and remember to be a blessing as well.