Welcome to the June 2017 issue of Queen Size Magazine.


Just a quick lesson on following your dreams. I remember when I first decided to come out with a magazine; I had a manager at the time who adamantly advised me against it. I recall him saying that it would never survive because people don’t want to read magazines anymore. For about a good year I listened to him and others say no don’t do it. But the passion for doing the magazine never went away; it actually grew stronger. So I went against the naysayers, fired my manager and began my journey. I really didn’t know what genre I wanted my magazine to fall in; I didn’t even know where to begin. So I started by doing what I loved; writing. I have to say that I learned a lot during my journey and I don’t ever regret starting it. Six years later and am still learning. If you have a passion for something GO FOR IT!!! 


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