Welcome to the June 2015 issue of Queen Size Magazine. Secretly I think that June is one of my favorites. We tend to give women a lot of recognition for all they do as mothers, wives and business women.  This month we honor our men, our fathers, sons, brothers, and business men in our lives. How many times have we as women sat amongst the midst of our girlfriends and had those “man bashing” conversations? Now how many of you same women had the conversation where you uplifted your men and gave them their due praises? Not all men are dogs, just like not all ladies are women. If you have a good man make sure you honor and cherish that man. Our men these days have to deal with enough out in this world; they don’t need to come home and feel unappreciated and unloved as well. Now obviously I am not referring to the men who have not grown up yet; and if you are with that type of immature man then don’t bash him, bash yourself for not wanting more. Anywho, enough of my rant; this month I salute all of the deserving men out there. This issue of Queen Size Magazine is dedicated to YOU.


Of course, I cannot end this letter without giving a big thank you to all of our supporters. We do this each and every month for you.


“The price of greatness is responsibility. “Winston Churchill