Every month we pay homage to the women in the industry.This month we are going to celebrate the MEN. It’s not just Father’s Day, it’s Men’s month and I would like to dedicate this magazine to our men; especially mine. I am blessed to have these very special men in my life, (besides my two sons) that hold me down and protect my dreams and visions. It is very difficult to find true friends that you can climb that ladder of success with. I have four men that do that for me every single day. Whenever I call they are always there. And sometimes they call me with ideas. Gentlemen, this issue is FOR YOU.Thank you!Ladies, treat your men like Kings and they will treat you like Queens. Honor, cherish and appreciate every little thing that he does for you. Honor your fathers and father figures, your uncles and friends. Just as you want to be treated on your birthday and Mother’s day, Men look for the same. They may not say it, but they do. Celebrate Men’s month the right way this year. Happy Father’s Day/Men’s Month Gentlemen.

With Love,


Editor CEO/Editor In Chief