Welcome to the July 2015 issue of Queen Size Magazine.


When I was much younger I used to believe that once you hit 30 years old you were considered old. Of course, the closer I got to 30 I realized how silly that thought was. Well my 30’s have come and gone and I am now embracing my 40’s. I realized that you are only as old as you act. As you age, don’t look at it as you are counting down the time; enjoy each day you are here. This issue we wanted to highlight some beautiful women who are 40 years old and over. They are models living out their dreams without letting age stop them. Why? Because age is just a number and if you can walk with the best of them and any age then go for it. Some of these ladies’ ages would surprise you. Just as with size, age should not hold anyone back from doing what they want. I admire these women; they remind me to never get old.


Thank you all for your continued support.


On behalf of myself and Queen Size Magazine, we want to send our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Ms. Nichole Crutchfield. The plus size modeling industry has truly loss an angel. May heaven be your runway. Sleep in Peace Nichole