Welcome to the January 2016 issue of Queen Size Magazine. Happy New Year to all of you. Allow me a moment to reflect back on 2015; it was a great year and I was fortunate to meet so many great people. I was fortunate enough to provide opportunities to many writers, entrepreneurs, models, photographers, etc. I was even fortunate enough to attend some great events; one of those being Queen Size Magazine’s Pink Carpet Fashion Show.


When I look back at how far the plus size industry has come, I realize that we have a long way to go but I also realize that we have come a long way. While we are still making strides I want to remind everyone not to lose sight of the big goal. Remember that we are trying to sell an industry and not sell ourselves. Do not forget that we are still trying to fit into a fashion industry so don’t leave the fashion out of modeling. Speaking of models; in 2015 we had some beautiful models grace our pages; models who have worked with very talented photographers. In this issue I have chosen one model from each issue last year and highlighted then in the 2016 issue.


2016 will bring some great things for Queen Size Magazine. We are celebrating the release of our 50th issue in March and we are celebrating five years in business in November. In March 2016 Queen Size Magazine will also be getting a sister magazine. Be on the lookout for M.I.M.S. Magazine; a quarterly publication that will focus on business and the straight size fashion industry.