Welcome to the February 2017 issue of Queen Size Magazine. I hold this issue very dear to my heart; literally. I am dedicating this issue to women all across the globe. Plus size, straight size, young elderly, black, white, orange, etc. As we all know February is Valentine’s Day month; but more importantly it is Go Red for Women Month. This is the month when we raise awareness for Women’s Heart Disease; our number one killer.


In 2016 many of my friends had scares with their hearts; none were fatalities thank God, but all were wake up calls to take better care of ourselves. Very recently someone very dear to me experienced her own “warning sign”, it was enough for everyone very close to her to take a look are ourselves and each other. Ladies, if you are experiencing any changes in your body that is out of the norm, I urge you to get it checked out. You owe it to yourselves to do that. It may not be anything but on the other hand it might be something. Don’t ignore the signs, continue to do your research and spread the word. I am my sister’s keeper.


In this issue we officially announce our very own Meesha Ann as the 2017 brand ambassador for QSM. We have also got to know a little more about the infamous designer called Eyani Couture. Also in this issue our model spotlight goes out to Ms. Charlene Grace. There are some incredible articles focusing on Valentine’s Day and also Woman’s heart disease.


Thank you all for continuing to support Queen Size Magazine. We would love to hear your feedback. Email us at queensizemagazine@gmail.com and let us know what you like, don’t like and/or want to see in future issues. We value your opinion.