Welcome to the April 2018 issue of Queen Size Magazine.


Each of our issues are usually surrounded by a particular theme. This issue was surrounded by a particular story. I have had countless conversations with people, models in particular, about the feeling of not fitting the mold. And the question still remains as to what the mold is. Plus size fashion should be, in my opinion, anything outside of the straight size standards. Why are we excluding size 12 from this mold. The troublesome part to me is that it is us that are doing it to each other. It seems so strange that our industry was created to provide representation for the women who look more like “US”. But yet we are not willing to accept our own.


In this issue you will get to read the stories of three women who represent three different spectrums of plus. You will get to read of their individual struggles in an effort to remind us all that Plus is Equal; no matter what size plus you are.


Also In this issue:


Courtney Pennington breaks down how you can and should be nourishing your soul.

Crystal Lewis answers questions that she is frequently asked at her salon.

Lala tells us her Favorite Five Basic Beauty products.

We also tell you some ways that you can effectively and effortlessly utilize those commercial breaks.

QSM also took a pool and is bringing the Spring Must Haves.


Our model spotlights this month, Autumn Richardson and Shakira Howard, share their model journeys with you.


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