Welcome to the April 2016 issue of Queen Size Magazine. Over the next few months you will notice a slight shift in the magazine. We are transitioning to become an all fashion magazine. You are going to be seeing a few less articles and whole lot more fashion suggestions and choices for the curvy Queens. This change is in preparation for our Sister magazine that will be released on March 15th. Look out for the M.I.M.S. Magazine, a new business magazine being born under the Cohesive Minds brand. I remind people on a daily basis to chase those dreams. If you want it for yourself then make it happen. I am living proof of that. Who would have thought that this little Brooklyn girl would become a business owner? A lot of people had that thought as I was growing up.


As we are in the heart of tax season I also want to take a moment to remind us all of the importance of investing in ourselves. For those of you who actually get back that pretty couple thousand dollars, use it to help yourself get out of debt. Use it to start up a little nest egg so when you spend all of your tax money you have a little something saved up for emergence purposes. For those of you that own companies, take some of that money and invest it into your company.


“The best hobby makes for the greatest business”. ~Tawana Blassingame


Thank you all who continue to support me and the Queen Size brand.