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whatever you do in life just be consistent at it; unless of course you’ve been a failure

I remember “some” years ago when I was in Junior High School, I used to have a teacher that would always talk about consistency. She used to says whatever you do in life just be consistent at it; unless of course you’ve been a failure. The class used to laugh at that but it was a lesson that stuck with me throughout my life. CONSISTENCY……..

I joke about never missing deadlines but it is far from funny. Let’s take Queen Size Magazine for instance; there is a release date that I stick to religiously. Why? Because I need people to remember the first of the month; I need to get it drilled into people’s heads and get them used to me releasing the magazine on the first of the month. I need for it to be a habit for my readers, I need them to remember when to always expect it. If I began picking and choosing when I want to release it then how will people know when to expect it?

Bloggers: need to consistently put out work. Develop a schedule so people know when to check in for new blogs. Consistently engage with your followers on social media between blogs.

Photographers: need to consistently shoot and put out work to continuously get bookings.

Models: be consistent in your work and the type of work you want to do. Consistently engage with potential clients on social media and in person

Publications: be consistent with your release dates

I can go on…. But I think you get my point here.

Consistency is important in the branding of any business

When I think of branding, the first thing that comes to my mind is a company’s logo. I chose some logos without the names as examples. Looking at these logos, we all know what brands they belong to. Why? People the brands have consistently presented them to the world. They have branded these images in our minds so when we see then we automatically connect them to their respected brands. In most cases, even just the colors. But what would have happened if these brands were inconsistent with their logos? What if they changed their logos every month during their branding process?

I chose to write on this topic because it is one of the things that I have noticed in people is their inconsistency when it comes to branding themselves. Inconsistency when it comes to pricing of their products and/or services, the quality of their work, their presence, and even their release dates.

I read a great article that breaks down the Five Rules relating the Power of Consistency.

1. Consistency allows for measurement.

2. Consistency creates accountability.

3. Consistency establishes your reputation.

4. Consistency makes you relevant.

5. Consistency maintains your message.

I could not agree with this more. Consistency or lack thereof could easily be the difference from failure and success. Being inconsistent to me allows too much time in between your goals to consider giving up. If you are continuously working toward your goals and giving yourself something to look forward to, your decrease your chances of wanting to give up or scale back.

Sometimes you are going to have to change things that are not working but then it is important to remember your clientele; talk to them and let them know what you are do. Engagement is also key; develop relationships with your clients, talk to them and make them feel like part of your process. Clients tend to be more loyal when they feel like you have made them a personal part of your growth.

In order to be consistent you have to have a goal in mind. If you don’t have a clear understanding of what your brand is and where you want it to go then you will likely never be consistent and end up being all over the place. You will find yourself going “back to the drawing board” more times than you will like.

TIP: Invest in a branding class. If you have or know of any classes, feel free to comment with links.

Until next time,

From the Desk of

Tawana Blassingame,

CEO and Editor in Chief of Queen Size Magazine.

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