Meesha Ann

Meesha Ann was born and raised on the sunny island of Jamaica. Her early childhood days were filled with great memories of designing doll clothing from her uncle’s scrap cloth box.  She would spend most of her summer days with her uncle, her uncle being a Taylor, learning the basic techniques of designing and sewing. Meesha Ann love for fashion grew even more when her mother introduce her to the world of runway. She would have her practice runway walk with a hardcover book on her head, the old school way. Meesha and her mom would spend hours of watching fashion shows and pageants. Their all-time favorite was the Miss Jamaica World pageant, which became their annual ritual.


Family life was perfect for Meesha, although financially her family struggled, nothing could break the bond that they shared as a family. Meesha Ann came from a strong family oriented household, who constantly remaindered 


her each day that she was beautiful, brilliant and fierceness. On the other hand School life was a bit difficult for her.  Being a bit “chubby” Meesha Ann was constantly teased by her peers about her weight. Despite the over whelming love and support from her family, the teasing affected her confident level, which eventually made her very shy. Looking back she realize that children channel their energy towards different activities; sports, singing, dancing -ultimately building their self-confidence. For her fashion was her source of energy; fashion became her passion and she loves every aspect of it.

Her love for fashion lead to her wanting to own her own clothing business. Determined to achieve her life time goal; she enrolled in the degree program at the University of Technology, Jamaica. For those who are familiar with the Jamaican school system, would agree how stick the dress code was. University life was the prefect life style she always dreamt off. Finally a school where she could be free to express her own since of fashion while learning the key essentials of the business world. She spent the next four years exploring and learning new fashion trends, while living the college experience.


After graduating from university, with second-class honors, she later migrated to the Unites States, where she started her very own online store. The operating cost of running a business became overwhelming for her and she decided to put it on hold while she followed another childhood dream, Modeling. Meesha always wanted to model, but the industry didn’t allow plus size women to do so, and even if they did it was on the small scale. Eager to find out more she started do to research, where she came across a group called Full Figured Fierce, a group dedicated to inspire and uplift women of all shape, size and color. She quickly jumped on board and entered the Face of Full Figured Fierce for the month of April 2015 and she won! It turned out that the owner and founder of the competition is a Model recruiter for Queen Size Model Management. Meesha Ann was then introduced to the team and immediately fell in love the family oriented management style. While trying to juggle her Modeling career, Meesha Ann decided to go back to school, to pursue her MBA, with concentration in Management and Leadership. 


Meesha Ann had the opportunity of gracing the stage at the Brooklyn Night out. She was also selected and competed as a finalist in the Kurvacious Model Competition 2015.  Meesha Ann made her debut as an Ad Model in Queen Size Magazine October 2015 issue.


This diva is no longer shy and jumps at the opportunity to pose in front the camera.  Her confidence and bubbly personality is felt every time she enters a room.

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