Lawanda "Lala Faces" Sanyang

Lawanda Sanyang, also known as (Lala) is a self-taught freelance makeup artist and owner of Lala Faces Makeup Artistry in Raleigh/Durham North Carolina. She began her journey in makeup as a young girl.  Make up was her hobby for years.  Inspiration from a fellow Makeup Artist, Vanita Henderson, propelled her to GO FOR It! 

Her journey as a freelance artist started in 2014 has afforded her the opportunity to meet many wonderful artists such as, Celebrity Artist Iris Sinclair DePaulo who believed in her talents and gave her the opportunity to work as a Makeup Artist during New York Fashion week 2015. This was one of her most rewarding experiences to date.

“I am ever so grateful to God for allowing me to share my talents and passion with others and bring their vision to life. There are no limits to where my brush strokes will

take me. I am the beast behind the brush who loves the art of Makeup.”

Her belief and motto is that she is providing “The Beauty that Every Woman Deserves”.  Everyone has a story and truth that they carry. “If I can help women to move toward that truth through the beauty of Makeup, I have done more than I could ever dream”.

Makeup is not just about painting the face, it is about a sense of freedom from emotional and physical trauma and with the right beauty tools she believes that women can begin their transformation.

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