Lane Bryant/Cacique Blogger Breakfast during Full Figured Fashion Week

Lane Bryant and Cacique is hosted a special Blogger Breakfast during FFFWeek to give fashion influencers a sneak peek of what Lane Bryant and Cacique has in store for the upcoming seasons. And oh my were we all in for some good stuff.


I live and breathe Cacique bras; I have tried others but nothing

compares to Cacique. So I have to say that it was a true honor to

have shaken hands with Gill Heer, the VP Design of Cacique

Intimates. The first thing I said to her was “I don’t know how you

do it but please don’t stop”. Gill has been in business for 18 years

and has a background in engineering. She shared with us two of

the most important things to her when designing the bras were

comfort and beauty; which we all can appreciate. Gill also talked

about the wire free cooling bra. You may be thinking about the

support that you might be missing by removing the underwire,

but I can personally tell you that you will not lose any support at

all. Go get you one and see for yourself.

Marcy Schaffer SVP, GMM of Cacique Intimates was quick to add to our excitement about what more to expect from the Cacique brand. They are bringing us even more fashionable styles in the more popular brands. We can also expect to see a huge selection of fashionable and comfortable sports bras with maximum support. Music to my ears! I love sports bras so to be able to get some fashionable ones outside of the basic colors AND to get the support I need makes me want to get a charge card from Lane Bryant. That is saying a whole lot because I don’t use charge cards.

Eyan Allen is the SVP Design at Lane Bryant. He has been working in the fashion industry for over 25 years.  He explained to us the importance of personal involvement with customers; “it feels great”, Eyan said. He talked a little about what customers can expect from Lane Bryant, which is more colors and prints, hi-lows, statement tees, and more importantly comfort and style. This is a huge relief for me because I personally only shopped Lane Bryant for work clothing, but it is beginning to look like I found a new home there.


Malissa Akay, you sold me on the jeans! I don’t wear jeans often because it is so hard to find a good fitting pair; let alone a pair that is comfortable and not stiff. This has been a long time issue for me, so I gave up on jeans many years ago. However, when Malissa (SVP, GMM of Lane Bryant Merchandising) came in wearing her jeans, I hoped and prayed that they were from Lane Bryant, and they sure were. Malissa told us about how much attention Lane Bryant paid to the comfort of their jeans and their customers’ concerns. She told us about, and demonstrated, the four way stretch in the jeans. That is just what I need when I am on set of photo shoots. Malissa also spoke to my heart when she talked about their blazers. I work in corporate, so I often wear blazers. What I really appreciated was the flexibility in the arms. We had a separate conversation about our mutual love for blazers and how we often had to take them off at work when it was time to reach for things. Malissa assured me that Lane Bryant had heard our cries and has taken extra efforts to fix that.




Yep, I am going to need a Lane Bryant card soon.

Thank you Lane Bryant, Cacique and Full Figured Fashion Week.


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