Welcome to the June 2018 issue of Queen Size Magazine.


This month we had the great opportunity to chat with Christin Leigh. She talked with us about the importance of hiring a wedding planner for your big day. And if you can't afford on she discusses what to do next. She dishes out a lot of get info as she too plans her own wedding.

We also caught up with Jamie Lopez; the plus size diva who opened up the first salon catering to plus size women.


Also in this issue:

Model spotlights Jenna Lee, Tavy Fields and Shenelle LaPierre; be sure to read all about their model journeys.


Courtney Pennington goes deeper into nourishing your body. This month she focuses on her Rainbow eating diet.

Crystal Lewis talks about the Pros and Cons of wearing weaves or units. (great and helpful read)

Lala discusses some summer ready colors.

Meesha shows us some must have Kimonos. (I love Kimonos by the way)

Crystal Carmen gave us a double hitter this month. One focuses on Bridal Beauty and the other discusses four items that you must have in your arsenal.