Queen Size Magazine started the #iamqueensize campaign to help women understand their true worth. We want women to understand that being beautiful does not require you to wear less clothing. We want women to love and respect themselves and demand the same in return. It is also about spreading body positivity; reminding people that beauty has no size.  I took the time to answer some questions that people had about the campaign and the brand.

I am hoping that everyone will join us by using the #iamqueensize on their positive social media posts. 


Q: What do you hope to achieve from this movement?

A: It is my hope and my prayer that we as women begin to understand and accept ourselves for the true Queens we are. Queens come is all sizes, so it’s not about the size; it’s about how we carry ourselves. We want to be accepted and respected but it has to start within us first. Beauty doesn’t come in sizes either so the next time someone ask you what size you are, tell them #iamqueensize


Q: What are the attributes one has to possess to be classified as #iamqueensize?

A: Inner and Outer beauty. Self Respect and respect for others. Be your sister’s keeper.


Q: Name one person that you think is the definition of #iamqueensize? And why? Just ONE person?

A: YIKES!!! There are so many people that come to mind but I am going to go with Mallory Richardson from North Carolina. She has the beauty and the brains. Her grind is out of this world. She is always helping other models who are trying to get into the industry. I have never seen her out of character. She wears many crowns and she always wears them all with such grace.


Q: Name a celebrity you think that would wear the title of #iamqueensize well? And?

A: By celebrity you mean public figure right? Because everyone is a celebrity to someone in my books. So a public figure who I think would wear the title well would definitely without hesitation be Michelle Obama. That woman is the epitome of graceful. What I love about her is that she teaches our children to respect themselves and others as well. Michelle is Queen Size for sure. She embodies everything that we stand for and that we too preach to everyone we come in contact with. Self respect and respect for others.


Q: Why is it important for others to join this movement?

A: I am going to address our industry on this one. Industry: We want to be accepted as a mainstream industry, therefore we need to step things up a few notches. My mom used to always tell my sister and me that “you are going to have to fight out in the world; you shouldn’t have to come home and fight each other too”. We have to learn to respect our industry better. There is no reason why one plus size woman should be body shaming another plus size woman. There is no reason why we should be taking to social media bashing each other. We should be supporting everything and everyone who is contributing to the growth of our industry. Let’s take care of each other. If you can’t attend a show, share it. If your model sister/brother got picked for a show and you didn’t, celebrate her/him. If you see opportunities share it. Bloggers and publications talk about what’s going on within our industry, celebrate what’s going on. We HAVE to life and build each other. We have to support each other. This is what this movement is about.


Questions about the Brand (Queen Size Magazine)


Q: What motivated you to start a Plus Size Magazine?

A: The truth of the matter is I just really wanted to write for a magazine and when I could not get hired I decided to start my own. I chose plus size for personal reasons; I have been plus size most of my life so that was the audience I felt I related to the most. But my love for fashion didn’t start until a couple of years later. And this is my being honest here. Once I really and truly understood the plus size fashion industry and movement, I took some time off and did more research on this industry so that I can provide MORE relevant content to my readers.  


Q: What type of women do you write for?

A: Well obviously we are geared more towards our plus size divas. But since we are not only fashion, we are lifestyle as well; we write for women who love fashion, women who want to get fit and healthy, women who want are trying to find that self love and confidence, the business women, etc. We write for our Queen Size Women.


Q: Tell me two reasons why it’s important to purchase the monthly magazine?

A: One: There is so much helpful information packed into each issue written by professionals in their respective fields. Two: We spend a lot of time, resources and money supporting our industry, so why not support a publication that supports you.


Q: What sets Queen Size Magazine apart from other magazines?

A: I think because we treat everyone that is featured in our magazine like celebrities. While we do provide a little something for everyone, we focus a lot on the aspiring models by providing a platform for them while others place more focus on public figures and/or more established models.


Q: What was your favorite issue (QSM) and why?

A:  They all are my favorites. But if I had to pick one of the top of my head it would probably have to be our March 2014 issue when we did an Aspiring Models Guide. That issue was amazing and helped so many people. It is still available for purchase if anyone wants to go back and get it.   

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