Hair Balling On a Budget

I get a lot of questions via email and Instagram inquiring about the "unit" that I am wearing in a particular blog post.  For the layman, a "unit" is a fancy term used to refer to a wig. First, I have to clear something up....I wear wigs....I don't wear "units". You see, whenever I go to shop for a "unit" that I like, I find that the price tag is anywhere from $250 to $500....not today Satan!

So, what generally happens is, that I go to the store and find a wig for around $50 that is comparable to said "unit".  Some of my favorite places to purchase online are; Sam's Beauty, Ebonyline, and Hair Sisters.  Now that we have that out of the way, I thought it would be a good idea to feature a few of my favorite pieces, and my tips on finding the perfect one for you without breaking the budget.


Wigs versus Weave

I am actually a strong advocate for both.  I have been known to rock a flawless sew in on occasion as well. If you are a person that likes a certain look, and aren't too adventurous with your hairstyles, a weave is the right way to go, however (comma) I'm a bit more daring!   Affectionately known as my "girlfriends", wigs are the quintessential way to spice up any look.  You can experiment with color, length, texture while never putting any stress on your own locks.  A wig can take a look from casual to chic in a matter of minutes.  As a blogger, I am always looking for ways to elevate a look and take it to that next level and wigs are the best way I have found to do that. 


Synthetic versus Human and the cost

Okay, as I mentioned above, "units" can be very expensive and are almost always human hair. Most, if not all of my wigs are synthetic or a human/synthetic blend.  You can find some synthetic blends that are really natural looking and most of them can even stand moderate heat from a curling iron or flat iron.


Purchasing Tips

  • Go to your local beauty supply and try on the wig.  The display may not be in your desired color, but focus on the hairstyle, not the color.

  • If you're not in a hurry, and don't need the wig right away, right down the brand and name of the wig.  You can more than likely find it online much cheaper

  • Purchase the display.  If the display is in good condition, you can often get a small discount for purchasing the wig that is already on display


Tips for wearing the wig

  • Consider sewing additional combs into your lacefront wigs.  This will eliminate the need to use glue to get a secure fit.  I never use glue to secure my lacefront wigs

  • Use edge control around the perimeter when wearing short wigs.  Particularly in the "kitchen" area.  When putting on the wig, I pull the back down over the hair, and use pins to secure it to make sure it stays put and flush to the neck.


Again, I am no expert, but these are just my views/tips on purchasing a wig to compliment your look.  Check out the gallery to see my favorite looks, click the pic for a direct link to purchase online! Let me know if you guys found this helpful, and tell me some of your favorite pieces to rock or some of your favorite places to purchase.

My Favorite Long Looks

My Favorite Short Looks

My Favorite Curly Looks

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