Gabby Douglas teams up with

Beauty Bakerie

In my head I just did a Double Layout Full In, Full Out flip followed by a Triple Pike when I found out the Gabby Douglas came out with her own line of lipsticks. And then I started with the old school dances because I was super excited for her. I just love Gabby because she works hard! Not only is she a three-time Olympic gold medalist winner, but she is also a two time author… and now she is fulfilling another longtime dream of hers, which is to start her own lip wear line.


We all remember when people tried to come for Gabby during the Olympics but Gabby bounced back and showed them that she is not her hair; she is a business woman with grace and poise. She decided to be BETTER not BITTER. They always say that success is the best revenge; well you show ‘em Gabby!!!!


In March Gabby teamed up with Beauty Bakerie (who takes pride in being vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic brand) and created five gorgeous shades: Hazelnut Swirl, Plum Sorbet, Triple Berry Moose, Sangria Splash, and Cherry Flambe. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

In her press release Gabby said "I am so excited about this partnership with Beauty Bakerie!," she noted in a press release. "I have actually always wanted to have a lipstick line also, so this partnership fits together in many ways!  I’m honored to be able to partner with a brand that has an amazing product.”


Head on over to and see what colors you love. You can get them separately or you can get them as a set.

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