The Face of Kurvacious all White Day Affair 2017

While we are looking back at Summer 2017, still trying to hold onto what’s left of it. Let’s reflect on The Face of Kurvacious’ All White Day Affair that took place on August 19th at the Harlem Lounge. As part of their 5th anniversary, this was Kurvacious’ first of what I am sure will be many more times hosting an all white day.  And of course Queen Size Magazine had the pleasure of sponsoring it. At this event the contestants along with, media, family, friends, and a host of other supports & staff got the chance to mingle and have some fun. I am sure this was much needed with all the pressure on their shoulders as they prepared to find out who was going to be crowned the next day.


I previous years Ms. Photogenic was announced at the competition. This year Ms. Scott did it a little differently and had the reveal done at the All White Day Affair; and yours truly has the honor of choosing and announcing the winner, which by the way was extremely difficult. The ladies all competed via an online voting system, and let me tell you they all worked hard to win. But there could only be one winner, and that winner was Sheena Postell. Congratulations Sheena and congrats to all that competed.


Every year this competition gets better and better. Make sure you check out the site and register if you’re interested


Kudos to Tiff Scott and her team at Kurvacious on an awesome event.