Avenue Stores Launches New App

November 01, 2018



Omni-Channel Features Including Ship-to-Store Appeal to Mobile Customer Base

So Now You’ve Been Signed:

May 15, 2018

“So it is common to think that once you are signed you’ve made it and you don’t have to work anymore. Wrong!!”-Gabby Fe. This is a great quote to kick off Part Two of my latest blog series. After reading my first piece you may have decided if you were ready to be seen by an agency. Now what happens next?

Marcy Cruz; Blogger to Model

March 19, 2018

Read all about how Marcy Cruz went from being one of our favorite Bloggers to now one of our favorite models. 

Roc Runna Press

March 15, 2018

Sound Engineer, Photographer, Videographer, Radio Host, Master of Ceremonies and Humanitarian. These are some of the titles that Eric "Big Vegg" Sullivan carries. Eric is pretty much your one stop shop, your go to guy for all things media.

The 2nd Annual PLUSSIZEMEPLZ Branding Breakfast

December 29, 2017

The PLUSSIZEMEPLZ Branding Breakfast was a success!! Catherine Ashley the creator of the PLUSSIZEMEPLZ brad has outdone herself with the creation of the networking event. This is the 2nd year she has coordinated the event geared towards branding your business and how to successfully step out from the rest and make ones dreams come true.  If you are an entrepreneur, a model, a photographer or a lover of the plus size community and all the facets that make it so fabulous then this event wasn’t one to miss.

Discrimination in the Full Figured Community

April 06, 2017

​Those are probably two of the many questions you’re asking yourself after reading the title. When we hear the word discrimination, it typically applies to race, religion, creed, sexual orientation, age, and gender. You’re sadly mistaken if you think that discrimination is just limited to those attributes and affiliations. The only reason why discrimination against weight isn’t a big deal to most is because many have the belief that weight can be controlled or helped unlike the other premises for discrimination.

Audience please be mindful of your facial expressions

October 20, 2017

Not everyone is going to go through photos to make sure you in row two don’t have your face turned up. Or you didn't fall asleep during a show.

Plus Size (un)professionals that body shame plus size models; shame on you!

October 20, 2017

Body shaming is pretty much an unacceptable term in the plus size industry. We probably have heard it all at this point; during disagreements or from simply wearing an outfit that people basically don’t like. It’s a damn shame that we are still experiencing the hate over our bodies.

The Etiquette Confidence Connection

October 25, 2017

We all know that person that radiates with the “wow” factor.  Their magnetism and presence originated somewhere, but where? Wouldn't it be nice to avoid feeling awkward? Here's the secret

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