Audience please be mindful of your facial expressions

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, when you are attending fashion shows there will be various designers/boutiques of different styles. Some you will like and some you won’t. We all have our own flavors. I say that to say this; just because you are not on the runway does not mean that “eyes” are not on you too. As a media company, I have had the honor of attending many different fashions shows. There are many photographers there capturing images so please be mindful of the faces that you make, especially if you are sitting in the front row. Just because you are not in the front h row does not mean that your face doesn’t get caught on camera as well.


There have ban many instances when we have had to get rid of those “money shots” because the young lady in the front row was pretty obvious that she did not like that outfit. Going through the images can be pretty comical to us because remember this, a picture is worth a thousand words. We always look carefully at the images before we put them out, audience included.


Often times we take the ones with the funny faces and try to interpret the looks (pretty hilarious). We see the duck lips that say to us, “she thinks she’s cute”. Or the eyeroll that says to us “I can’t stand her”. Or even the stink face (as we call it) that says “why did they put that on her”. While you may be laughing at this like me as I am writing this, please do understand that this is not a good look. Not everyone is going to go through photos to make sure you in row two don’t have your face turned up. Or you didn't fall asleep during a show.


Yes, most of the times you can be cropped out of the photo but that will not always be the case. Also think about it like this as well, it takes a lot of nerve for models to get on a runway knowing that they are being watched and often judged; why break a model’s confidence and let him/her see that as they are walking?


Audience, please be mindful of your faces in the audience. Be encouraging or stay home. I heard a host say at a show “If you like it clap, if you don’t clap anyway”.

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