Check out the Spring Confidence Campaign


Congratulations to Avenue on their Confidence Campaign.


Confidence is a core value of the Avenue brand and we love what we are seeing from the brand. They are doing a great job listening to what their customers want, and then providing it for her. They have created as a place that she can go and share her feedback with the brand. How cool is that!



I asked Chief Merchandising Officer, Nancy Viall what were some of the things their customers were asking for and she said, “Consistent fits, Quality and more on trend fashions”. I also asked Nancy if sizing was an issue with their customers and her response was, “not really. There are many different body types and shapes. So we had to upgrade the fit and find that sweet spot to fit the many different body types; and we had to be consistent with it”.

All of their clothing goes through an extensive fit process before they receive the Aveology Seal of Excellence in fit.


Psssst…. They really are listening….


Fashion is forever changing and we all have to do our parts to keep up with those changes. The Confidence Campaign came to life because Avenue understood this. They understood that their brand was in need of an update. They gathered their data and the feedback they received from their customers; then they went to work. SMART! Because as brands we all need to do this every now and then. They have also taken notice that people are owning their confidence more and more. So the brand is celebrating the popular confidence journey through their Confidence Campaign this Spring.


I also got to chat with Chief Marketing Officer, Steve Silbaugh. I wanted to know what his personal connection was because I felt his passion as he spoke about the brand and the customers. His response was “I am sort of a giant, so I can relate to her when it comes to not being able to find quality clothing that fit”. He shared with me that he was on his own wellness and fitness journey. We talked about him growing up and not being able to wear certain brands of clothing like some of his friends because they did not fit him properly. These are testimonies that we are hearing more and more from men.


This is one of the reasons why I am loving this brand more because the brand itself is relatable; we have so much in common.


This fall the brand ran a very successful campaign featuring Madeline Jones, Erica Faye Watson & Mia Michaels. So why not keep up the momentum right?


The Confidence Campaign features Yasmine Arrington; Jill Angie and Madeline Jones. Some of you know these ladies and some do not so here is a brief intro:

Yasmine Alexandra Arrington



Founder and Executive Director of ScholarCHIPS, a teenage scholarship fund for children of incarcerated parents.  She is the winner of the 2015 Peace First Prize, the JM Kaplan Innovation Prize and DC Social Innovation Prize. She is a plus size model, motivational speaker and academic. 

After weighing close to 300 pounds, Jill began running to take her life back. She then became a triathlete, but she was frustrated that there wasn’t much representation in the running world for larger athletes. So she wrote a book called “Running with Curves” and became a personal trainer to empower people of any size, shape, age, pace or distance to become a runner.  She believes that running was her gateway to building strength and confidence.


Maddy Jones


0205_SK_HOR_CageSleeveTop_8756_04 4retCM

Editor-in-chief of Plus Model Magazine. She is balancing life as a mompreneur and raising a confident special needs daughter at the same time. She works every day to promote beauty within the plus size community, as well as, representation in fashion. She advocates for ageless beauty for women over 40 and her Latina heritage.

The brand has chosen a great group of women for the campaign. They are super relatable to many of us. They all are very inspiring women with unique individual stories. They are successful women selflessly making huge impacts in their communities. And they are living their lives with confidence.


These women will be featured across multiple platforms including, store signage and across all social media. Plus, the campaign will be reinforced with a Fit & Style shopping experience and a store Fashion Show in April. 


So what’s next from the brand? Without spilling all the tea, both Steve and Nancy let me know that they will continue to innovate their products. They will extend the reach of the brand by creating more partnerships with the industry and continue to be guided by their customers.


"Avenue will no longer play it safe". Ahhhhh that is music to my ears.


Avenue Stores, LLC, is a size-inclusive brand that offers trend-right fashion with a focus on fit and comfort. The brand currently ships internationally to over 100 countries and has 269 stores in the United States. Campaigns are featured in print and video in all stores, as well as the multi-million-dollar website and social media accounts with thousands of followers.