Dr. Summer 

 gives 15 tips to get through social distancing during the Coronavirus

Submitted via the MNS Media Group. The MNS Media Group represents accomplished mental health specialists, plus model, advocate, author and philanthropist, Dr. Summer. 

  1. Get a new planner and use it

  2. Identify things you've been meaning to do at home but haven’t had the time to (ex: organize your space, declutter, spring clean, rearrange furniture)

  3. Give yourself and loved ones "me time", even if sharing space

  4. Create a new routine (ex: hours for work, play, art and crafts, fitness, walk your fur child, me time). Create a visual chart for kids to reference

  5. Connect with family/friends via video chat/phone or set up a teletherapy session with a therapist

  6. Take a walk or do at least one thing indoor that's physical daily (yoga, workout video, play with your fur children —they need love too)

  7. Read a new book or listen to an audiobook. Read to kids and get them involved in book choices. If you're more of a movie watcher, make a list of movies and get ready to check them off!

  8. Learn to do something new with your food (a new recipe, meal prep). Get the kids involved in the cooking process

  9. Think of a new way to engage on social media and do it (Dance party anyone?!)

  10. Make a vision board and/or engage in arts and crafts (tip: use some of the papers, newspapers and old magazines that you need needed to get rid of anyways)

  11. Take a hot bath (add Epsom salt and/or essential oils for a boost of relaxation)

  12. Create a list of daily affirmations and alternate the use of them daily

  13. Practice Gratitude (ex: instead of complaining, think about what you are grateful for)

  14. Drink water and stay hydrated

  15. Have healthy sex, masturbate, cuddle and enjoy yourself, your partners and loved ones (including your fur children)

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